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Daily Payload Delivered to You

There are two different ways to get Daily Payload articles delivered directly to you: via e-mail or via RSS.

Daily Payload Mailing Lists

If you prefer e-mail, you can subscribe to the mailing list. An e-mail is sent to the list not more than once each day. The e-mail messages contain a list of all of the news articles posted to Daily Payload since the last e-mail was sent out. It is also useful to note that an email will not be sent unless there are at least 5 new stories to report. Since some weeks are "slow news weeks", there are times when a week may pass before you receive notification of new stories. RSS, on the other hand, is more immediate.

To subscribe, send e-mail to dailypayload-join@lists.packetizer.com.

This mailing list sends out HTML-formatted messages. A plain ASCII text list also exists and delivers the same headlines, but without the article summaries.

If you prefer to subscribe to the plain text list, send e-mail to: dailypayload-text-join@lists.packetizer.com.

Daily Payload RSS Feed

All articles published on Daily Payload are syndicated via the Daily Payload RSS feed.

To subscribe to that feed, point your RSS reader to this address: https://www.dailypayload.com/rss/dailypayload.xml. Alternatively, you can use your web browser and read the feed on FeedBurner.