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ITU-T Focuses Effort on H.323-based Telepresence

August 6, 2010

ITU-T SG16 recently held a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. As always, there was a lot of work on a very wide range of topics. Since H.323 experts just completed a major new release of H.323 in October, 2009, there was not a lot of real work on the core specification. Even so, the experts group did complete work on a new Recommendation to transport geographic information within H.323 systems (H.460.25).

However, the experts initiated new work related to the study of Telepresence systems for H.32x-series systems, with a particular focus on H.323.

A new experts group was formed (called Question 5/16) and titled simply “Telepresence systems.” The first meeting will likely be announced on the itu-sg16 list (see http://lists.packetizer.com/) over the next month or two. If you’re interested in Telepresence and H.323, then you might wish to monitor this mailing list for further developments.

An announcement with the specific study items can be found here.