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News Archive - May 2012

Virgin Atlantic Offer Phone Calls, Text Messaging, and Internet Connections on Their Flights
May 25, 2012
Richard Branson’s airline Virgin Atlantic is set to be the first airline in the UK to allow its passengers to make in-flight phone calls. The news was announced on May the 14th, and the decision is in response to customer surveys that have indicated staying connected while flying is high on their list of wants.
Google officially closes $12.5 billion Motorola Mobility deal
May 22, 2012
After waiting months for to say so, Google CEO Larry Page announced that his company now officially owns Motorola Mobility.
CEO Escorted Off Flight for Using Own App
May 12, 2012
The CEO of the company that developed the smartphone app Viber was escorted off a Delta plane when it landed in New York for making a VoIP call with his app during the flight.
Star Trek-like hologram to revolutionise video conferencing
May 7, 2012
Researchers have created a Star Trek-like human-scale 3D video conferencing pod that allows people in different locations to communicate as if they are standing in front of each other.