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News Archive - April 2012

Google expands its cloud-computing offerings with 'Drive'
April 24, 2012
Google unveiled a new cloud storage service called Google Drive. The service, which will give users 5GB of free remote storage and additional space for a monthly fee, puts the Web giant in competition with Apple and Microsoft, as well as specialized services like Box and Dropbox, in a space that increasingly looks like the future of computing.
More bad news for Nokia: IPCom wins patent case in German court
April 20, 2012
A regional court in Mannheim found Nokia to have violated patents belonging to a German patent firm named IPCom. The patent relates to emergency services.
Microsoft hiring points to Web-based Skype service
April 16, 2012
It looks like Microsoft is ready to let people use Skype through Web apps, not just native apps. Standards in development such as WebRTC could pave the way.
H.323 and SIP Becoming Legacy. XMPP and JS are the Future
April 12, 2012
This article highlights that SIP and H.323 are now viewed by many as legacy protocols and that the future is looking more like XMPP and JavaScript. WebRTC is a part of this JavaScript future. The author did not mention H.325, but that is another forward-looking technology that is still in the works.
Top Uses and Applications of Cloud Technology
April 11, 2012
The cloud has transcended its primary function of basic file backup and evolved into something far more practical and unconventional. Here are some of the top ways in which the cloud has been developed.
Videoconferencing system that shows who's talking to whom, being developed by NTT
April 3, 2012
MM-Space, being developed by a lab at NTT, is a system designed to make users of videoconferencing systems involving several people feel as if they are talking to each other in the same room.
Dell Grabs Wyse, Isn't Kidding About This Post PC Stuff
April 2, 2012
With the acquisition of Wyse, there could be no clearer sign that Dell is determined to transform itself before the enterprise PC business it is best known for transforms out from under it.