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News Archive - March 2012

Cisco Unveils Visual Collaboration Solutions in the Post-PC Era, Extending the Reach of TelePresence with New Mobile-to-Immersive Offerings
March 27, 2012
Cisco introduced new people-centric innovations aimed at making it easier for people to collaborate anywhere, anytime in the post-PC era. The innovations, ranging from new desktop and mobile Cisco Jabber collaboration applications to Cisco TelePresence systems, make it easy for users to move from one collaboration solution to the next based on how they work and their immediate task at hand.
OpenStack vs. Amazon and Eucalyptus Clouds
March 25, 2012
When Amazon and Eucalyptus finally announced plans to partner on cloud computing, the big winners were cloud integrators seeking to move workloads between on-premise IaaS and Amazon Web Services. But ultimately, Talkin’ Cloud believes Amazon and Eucalyptus were reacting to OpenStack — which is available as both an on-premise or public cloud platform.
We Should Not Regulate VoIP
March 23, 2012
To our surprise, there are people who are calling for regulations applied to the VoIP industry. The rationale given is largely flawed and based on legacy technology and "old way of doing things". We say VoIP should not be regulated, and we explain why.
Nokia to cut 1,000 jobs in Finland
March 22, 2012
Nokia makes a deal with unions to eliminate 1,000 jobs at a manufacturing plant in Finland as the company fulfills its promise of 4,000 job cuts.
Blue Jeans Network Offers Cloud-Based Video Conferencing
March 21, 2012
Blue Jeans is letting customers license concurrent video conferencing solutions without having to buy and manage expensive hardware-based MCUs.
Avaya to buy Radvision for up to US $250M
March 14, 2012
Avaya will buy Radvision for $200-$250 million, giving a boost to its videoconferencing capabilities. Here is Avaya's press release.
BT to launch 'single phone number' VoIP service
March 8, 2012
BT Voice, based on technology from 2008 acquisition Ribbit, will allow existing customers to use their home or office phone number on all their devices.
Skype’s 35 million concurrent users sets new record
March 5, 2012
It looks like Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype is starting to pay off in spades. The video chatting software has just set a new record for itself, climbing its way to a highly impressive 35 million users using its audio and video conferencing platform at the same time.