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News Archive - June 2011

Cisco Unveils a First-of-Its-Kind Enterprise-Class Application and Business Tablet Ecosystem for Cisco Cius
June 29, 2011
Cisco introduced AppHQ, an application ecosystem built specifically for Cisco Cius that provides new ways to create, manage and rapidly deploy tablet applications in the enterprise. Cisco Cius, an Android-based tablet created for the enterprise, combines voice, video, collaboration, and virtualization capabilities unlike any other tablet on the market today.
Google battles MicroSkype with 'open' VoIP protocol
June 24, 2011
Google has moved its Google Talk VoIP infrastructure to Jingle, the voice and media signaling protocol that seeks to provide an open-standard alternative to the proprietary protocols used by the Microsoft-owned Skype and other VoIP technologies.
Google building Skype-alike software into Chrome
June 21, 2011
Shortly after releasing software for audio and video chat as an open-source project called WebRTC as open-source software, Google is beginning to build it into its Chrome browser.
Nielsen: Smartphone data usage soars 89 percent
June 17, 2011
The average smartphone owner is using 89% more data each month than a year ago, with Android users consuming more bandwidth than any other users.
Survey finds many disappointed in virtualization, cloud computing
June 13, 2011
Too often, organizations aren't getting as much out of virtualization and hybrid cloud computing as they first thought they would, according to a Symantec survey of 3,700 information technology managers in 35 countries.
Skype to bring video chat to Comcast subscribers
June 13, 2011
Cable giant Comcast is teaming up with Skype to offer its subscribers video calling on their TVs, in a move that could bring more affordable video conferencing to the home.
Skype says outage hitting 'small number' of users
June 7, 2011
Skype is down for the second time in a matter of a couple of weeks, the VoIP service provider confirmed on its Twitter account this morning, saying it is working to address the issue.
Jobs announces Apple's iCloud storage service
June 6, 2011
Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced an online cloud storage service called iCloud, designed to make it simple to wirelessly share music, e-mail, photos, calendars, and other data between handheld gadgets and desktop computers.
FCC could make VoIP providers pay to connect calls
June 2, 2011
More and more Americans are abandoning home telephone lines in favor of mobile phones, Skype, Google Voice and Vonage — and that leaves the Federal Communications Commission with a problem: figuring out what digital-age companies should pay to connect calls to the old Ma Bell network.
Polycom to buy HP videoconferencing unit for US$89 Million
June 1, 2011
videoconferencing company Polycom will buy Hewlett Packard's videoconferencing business for $89 million in cash, as it arms itself in its fight for market share against Cisco Systems.