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Packetizer APAC Announces PacPhone Beta Availability

December 5, 2005

Singapore — December 5, 2005 — Today in Singapore, Packetizer APAC announced the immediate availability of the Public Beta release of PacPhone, an advanced Windows softphone, enabling companies to communicate securely, through firewalls, and with other vendors' equipment.

PacPhone satisfies the current demand for secure calls over the internet through strong encryption and end-to-end user authentication. It addresses a constant problem facing business users-NAT and firewall traversal-with minimal configuration. Adhering to the H.323 standard, PacPhone works with all deployed H.323 equipment, allowing companies to easily and inexpensively integrate PacPhone into their network infrastructure. PacPhone's inconspicuous user interface and small footprint provides an intuitive user experience with optimal performance.

PacPhone supports USB handset devices through its auto-detect, plug-and-play interface. From its contact list, a user may use simple click-to-call dialing to IP or DNS addresses, traditional telephone numbers via PSTN providers, as well as numbers using the latest ENUM technology. Here are some of its other features:

"What I truly love the most about PacPhone is that I can just pick up the phone and dial, and it's secure," said Paul Long, CEO of Packetizer, Inc.

About Packetizer APAC
Packetizer APAC is a trade name of ISVO (Asia) used under license from Packetizer, Inc. Packetizer, Inc. was founded in 2000 as the internet's leading resource for VoIP and videoconferencing information. Additional information can be found at https://www.packetizer.com/. Incorporated in 2000, ISVO (Asia) is a Singapore-based research-and-development company specializing in remote computing and VoIP technologies. Additional information is at http://www.isvo.net/.

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