Daily Payload

Introducing PacketPress(TM)

September 27, 2003

As many of you know, Packetizer has recently added a "Packetizer News" section to its web site, which provides links to news articles and stories related to products and services in the packet-switched communication market. One of the challenges we've faced in maintaining that site is actually finding the press releases that are relevant to the readers of Packetizer.

So, we've decided to create a new mailing list that is open to everybody called "PacketPress". This mailing list is intended to be used by staff within the various companies to post press releases for their products and services. The press releases will then go out to the much larger audience of subscribers of the PacketPress mailing list.

In an effort to control traffic on this list, the list will be monitored, so that only valid press releases and/or pointers to press releases will actually be posted.

I encourage anybody in marketing or in an area of responsibility for disseminating press releases to subscribe and submit press releases to the list. Likewise, I encourage anybody interested in getting those press releases to also subscribe.

Update: "PacketPress" and "Packetizer News" have been moved to a new site called "Daily Payload". "Packetizer News" now focuses on news related to Packetizer, while "Daily Payload" continues to offer news related to the voice, video, and data collaboration industry.